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These days, technology can be found in every place and every single corner we are heading to. Whether we are talking about ways of transport, communication or sources of energy, there are plenty of money that could be easily saved using technology. Despite the fact that for years now, it was said technology to be the one to make you spend a fortune in order to achieve it, there are some other smart and clever ways to take advantage of it and save some money for your own pleasure! In case you wish to find more, stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines!

Use the free online messaging sites

Nowadays, there are hundreds of sites where you can easily set up your phone number and start sending phone text messages to all of your friends. Some of these sites, though, might not accept more than one message sent, but you can always switch to another site when the first one runs out of possibilities. This is one smart and clever way to save some great money or just get away from a difficult and unexpected situation you may interfere with!

Squats for subway tickets in Moscow

In case you are currently living or travelling through Moscow, this is the very right chance for you! Nowadays, Moscow came up with one of the best ideas ever came across – making squats for travelling with the subway. Not only will you loose some weight without having to pay anything, but you will aswell get the tickets after the number of squats is done. Pretty smart and economic, don’t you think?

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E-book readers

Believe it or not, another great way to save money using technology is by owning an E-book reader. Just think about it, how rational it is and how easily you can actually put some great money aside while doing it! Once you own one, everything is safe and sound – you will neighter have to pay for any book, nor have to carry around you a book – just the soft and little E-book reader!

These being said, whether or not you have already managed to get the best method to use this winter, the idea is clear – the more you save, the more money you get to play with when the time comes! So why should not you start doing it as soon as possible? We are craving to hear about you!


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