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Selling and making money is what keeps the world spinning, and is also hard to achieve.

That’s why I’m going to tell you some of secrets that can brought you some good real cash online.

How to sell online and how to make money from selling?

First thing that you need to know is that every customer and buyer has complete right, never interfere with their opinion.

Because they will think that you are trying to harm their intelligence or territory and you could lose the sale.

I know that it’s hard not to interfere, but it’s the best way to sell something, if customer ask you for your opinion then be honest and sell it.
Now, how and where to sell something online, where customer can’t see you in person,  when they can’t see who’s running the business.
To be successful online sales person and to make money from selling you need to have your profile clean and with a lots of information.
Avatar or picture of you would be good and, testimonials, and of course portfolio, list your products, stuff that you sell need to look  good and need to be exposed to the smallest detail.
Tell your customers what are you selling, what is the purpose of the product, who else bought it and what is their opinion on the product.
Also write some text of confidence, like this product is 100% secure and safe, or… you will not find anything like this anywhere for the lower price, etc.

When you do all these things above, then you will get great sales and you will make good money.

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Where To Sell Online?

If you want to sell big amount of products then you need to sell big, join sites like ebay,amazon etc.

If will tell you the best place where you can sell things and make good and steady income from home.

eBay – This site deserves to be on the first place, founded in 1995 by great guy  Pierre Omidyar that made the site to sell his broken laser and now its the biggest online auction and shopping website.

Amazon – founded in 1995 by  Jeff Bezos on a road trip, and now its the world’s largest online retailer, with nearly three times the Internet sales revenue of the runner up, Staples, Inc., as of January 2010.

Etsy – Buy and sell handmade or vintage items, art and supplies

Overstock – Buy discounted name brand Bedding, Furniture, Jewelry, Watches, Electronics, Clothing, Books, …

ioffer – Allows buyers and sellers to negotiate to buy and sell items in an interactive and open format.
That’s it, follow the sales rules, sell on good and reliable sites and make money from selling.


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