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Replicating Amazon or Ebay’s business model is easy thanks to the availability of numerous ecommerce platforms. You just need to book a cool domain name (at least you believe it to be), get a web hosting service provider and a jaw dropping ecommerce template and your ecommerce site is ready to go online. Sounds simple?

Yeah the idea of launching an ecommerce website is less complicated these days but what about replicating their success stories. It takes them years to secure their position in the visual world. Crazy marketing ideas, penchant for taking big risk and hours of hard work have made it for them and therefore, as a new entrant you simply cannot think of making your baby eCommerce site a huge success in a short span.

But sadly enough, majority of people think it otherwise. However, I do accept that there are some glorious exceptions but my friend, exceptions only establish the rule.  Now, if you are still in denial let me show you the reality and give you some honest tips that can really help you earn some hard cash from your eCommerce site:

Do Not take Inspiration from Offline World:

I have seen people launching an eCommerce website with the sheer hope that it will help them make money like hell with little or no intervention from their side. Probably they are inspired by the offline world where opening a shop will automatically attract some footfall and unless you do not know bean about marketing, you will surely be able to convert some of them.  But the virtual world is seldom like that. You cannot expect that people will type your website’s name unless there is some kind of divine intervention. Unlike the offline world, people will not pass by your shop. There is no way they can contact you unless you are proactive. Your website needs to have an impressive presence online otherwise is failure is the most likely outcome that you can expect.

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Spend Money on Marketing:

It is wonderful to see that people are ever ready to spend thousands of dollars on design and development work but when it comes to marketing their website online, they seem not that interested. Since the outcome is unpredictable, they hesitate a lot before loosening their purse string. Now, this is a catch 22 situation. Unless you are sure about the outcome of the online marketing campaign, you cannot increase the marketing budget and unless you are increasing the budget allocated for marketing, you are unlikely to see any dramatic difference in the outcome. Now it is your pick.

Have an In-house Marketing team:

If you are serious about your online marketing venture, I hope you will abhor the concept of outsourcing the marketing task to an SEO company. Why not settle with home grown talents? Rather than buying the same boring marketing concept (or template from the perspective of an SEO agency), you should brainstorm with your own marketing team and come up with something interesting that will help your ecommerce website gain some tractions in the SERP.

Online marketing is not Rocket Since:

Believe me, online marketing is not that tough. As links are getting devalued increasingly, you just need to know some basics of online marketing. This includes fixing 404 errors, adding Meta tags, creating unique content, promoting on social media sites, setting up canonical etc. And above anything else; you need to make sure that your eCommerce website has a strong unique selling point.

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Try these tips and hopefully, your ecommerce website will be able to make its mark felt in the SERP.


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