No doubt is there that Mark Zuckerberg wins it all. At 33 years old, he is known as the co-founder of Facebook, both as the chairman and the CEO. But that is not the only thing we know about him – according to the news of 2017, Zuckerberg turns out to be the fifth richest person on the planet, with a net worth – don’t be surprised – of about US $63.3 billion. If that is not enough, he seems to enjoy his personal and social life pretty much, with a ravishing wife and an adorable baby child. Still, his fortune did not grow up over night (or at least, not all of it). With the beginning of this year, his revenues went up with almost $5 billion (which, if you ask me, is no little money). But what is the secret of his luck? These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to find out more about Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth!

The Tear Following Donald Trump’s Elections

Even though Mark Zuckerberg took advantage of many opportunities with Facebook (and not only), his path turned out to help him loose some of his fortune. It happened after Donald Trump’s elections, when he lost almost 7%, going down to $49 billion. Still, as time went by, he found the best strategy that gave him a blast, once again.

Being On the List of the Five Rich People in the World

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During the ascension of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg managed to obtain a strong and sharp position on Forbes, maintaining it to be the fifth-richest person in the world. The list includes Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Amancio Ortega and Warren Buffett, each of their fortunes being estimated to exceed US $70 billion. As well as things go for Zuckerberg, we can predict that the next years will help him find his way closer to the top of the pyramid. The hint lays in the US $5 billion that he gained only during the first period of the year which, apparently, exceeds any increase in fortunes of the other competitors (even the ones situated above). In short, Zuckerberg’s revenues are in his favor, with a short time of creating the net worth (as opposed to the other competitors which do have higher ages and more years in the business).

Proliferation of Fake News – or How the Net Worth is About to Increase

Even though Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth is estimated to be US $63.3, in reality things are quite different. In the next period of time, we expect that the amount to grow, basically due to the new incentive promoted by Facebook – which is, of course, the fight against the proliferation of fake news. With this new target in mind, Facebook has been listed (once again) in media press and all over online, since the issue is one of the most important these days. Thus, Zuckerberg seems to have offered the best solution which is about to provide him with quite a nice prospective revenue.

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Billionaire from the age of 19

The history of Mark Zuckerberg shows us, once again, that anything can be possible. Having graduated Harvard and observing there is a need to connect people from around the world (with the use of social media), the Facebook CEO has created its invention at the age of 19, moment from where he started to grow his net worth. According to the future predictions, it is expected to exceed at least two of the richer people that are in front of him, in less than two years. On the other hand, if Facebook observes some other social problems (as well), it might come up with solutions that will also turn out to be debatable in the press and, sooner or later, increase his net worth to even bigger shares. Still, some of these predictions are yet to be seen and experienced, before the reality changes it course. All in all, Mark Zuckerberg remains a man of history, who managed to make a change for each and every one of us. Now, it is time to wait – and see where it will take him – to the top or to the upper top.


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