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Google panda update is a scary development.make-money-online-after-google-panda-update

It seems everywhere is quiet right now. Who knows what Google has in stock in their upcoming updates?

Several bloggers have been drowned while others are smiling to and cashing in.

As a niche marketer, I’ve several niche blogs but the one that got favored after the recent algorithm check was my wooden watch blog.

In this case study, I want to share with you 7 helpful ways to optimize your blog no matter the niche you’re.

Also, you’ll learn how to bulletproof your blog and sites against the upcoming Google updates.

Ride with me as I unveil the entire process. I promise to make it fun and jaw-pulling. Let’s go…

1.    What Does Google Updates Mean?

The first step towards improving your ranking after been pushed to page 20 is to really understand what Google updates mean. In a simple sentence, these updates are periodic changes that go on in the search algorithm. Algorithm is a system that monitors indexed web pages. That means you cannot be affected by any changes if your web pages aren’t indexed.

But most bloggers have their pages showing up already on Google homepage or result pages (SERPs). Understand that these updates weren’t initiated to punish you (even though it happened). Every business has goals and Google is no exception. Their ultimate is to provide the “most relevant information to her users.??? Take note of this (most relevant information).

2.    Cornerstone Content Structure

Now that you’ve a base understanding of what Google updates mean, it’s time to deal with content structure. The moment I launched my wooden watch review blog about 4 months ago, I learned from successful web writers that content is king. But more than that, quality content is the crowned King.

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Google panda will never affect your web pages negatively if you had cornerstone contents as the starting point. When I say cornerstone, I’m talking about epic, pillar, detailed and well structured articles that has your primary key terms addressed.

For instance, if your blog is about email marketing and list building. Then, write cornerstone contents that would as the foundation upon which your subsequent posts will stand. These articles are usually long; about 1000 – 3000 word counts. Have you written cornerstone contents yet? It’s not too late. Get started today…

3.    Fast Loading Web Pages

The next step I took to optimize my wooden watch web pages was to improve the speed. Google hate sites and blogs that keep the reader waiting. You’ve to understand that merely improving your wordpress load-time could triple your organic traffic almost overnight.

The more people use your blog and keep reading, the more relevant Google would see your web pages. Stay away from intense banner advertising on your blog.

It doesn’t increase sales either, so why stuff your web pages with 10s of affiliate banners just to make measly commission? Use simple themes with a white background and avoid those heavy graphics and flash.

4.    Answer Questions In Your Niche

Why do you think “Yahoo answers system??? is growing at the speed of light?

It’s not because Yahoo is popular or spends million on advertising. The reason is simple; they answer questions that bug internet users. If you run a blog, what exactly are you doing to put smiles in your prospect’s faces?

When they finally come to your blog, do you make their day, or bore them with sales pitch and marketing hype? Google is particularly looking for sites/blogs that can help her searches get lasting solutions to their everyday problems.

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If you were to explain your role as an internet entrepreneur in one sentence, what would that be? The more questions you answer, the easier your link building process as people would link to you naturally.

5.    Don’t Negotiate With Audience

Have you researched your audience yet?

What do they have in common and how desperate are they towards getting solutions to their problems. When they come to your blog, don’t negotiate and offer alternative solution to what they wanted.

Instead, deliver on what you promised. If a web user found your blog when he searched for wewood discount code, coupon code etc, does your content talk about that or is it a general topic about by designer wrist watches.

This is very important. The key phrase used to locate your blog is what matters to the information seeker. Don’t give options, no negotiation – provide the most valuable and relevant information and wow your audience.

6.    Use “Social??? Media Creatively

Recently, Google + was launched and already, there are over 10 Million active users and the number keeps growing by the second. What are you doing to make social media marketing work for your business?

The next Google algorithm check would have strong impact and network with your social media dominance. How much of a social media giant are you and how has your prospects benefited from your campaigns?

Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook are great portals to build your relationship and satisfy man’s ultimate urge in life (communication). The more presence you create and built at social networking sites, the stronger your search engine credibility. Don’t lose grip on this.

7.    Build Link-Wheel Instead

Links are the currency of the web and when you’ve the right backlinks, it’s a wonderful adventure. However, link building in the traditional system may achieve so much for you. What you should dedicate your entire skill on is to master link-wheel system.

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It’s the perfect way to further strengthen your Google ranking and bulletproof your web pages against upcoming weird algorithm tweaks. Let’s every of your linkage system connect with one another. This single act grants you the privilege to be-friend Google search spiders and makes them visit your blog consistently.

You may not always link to your web pages while building links, but you can link to your Facebook page which contains your link, connect with your hubs and build a diversified network of quality web presence.

Marketing Takeaway

If you look closely, I didn’t refer to your blog or websites as I ought to. But I talked extensive about web pages. Why? It’s because Google is not interested in your colorful blog and how wonderful your themes are or who designed it, what search engines of which Google is the Chief are after is your “individual web pages.???

There you’ve it, 7 point checklists to bulletproof your blog against any form of sandboxing, water-drowning and updates victimization. If you can keep this to heart, I’m sure the next “thing??? would fall in your favor. See you at the top!

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