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Photo sharing business is the hottest money making model right now.

There is virtually no segment of internet marketing that doesn’t require images. Web design, graphic designs, media promotion, visual acceleration and blogging, all make use of photos.

If you get started in this photo business right away, your income would grow, and you’ll learn a lot about solving problems that are hot, evergreen and delicate.

Why People Use Photos Online

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There are several factors why someone would decide to use photos. But the obvious reason is for impression. First impression they say, matters a lot. If you don’t capture your prospects attention immediately, they would click away and you’ll lose their patronage.

Bloggers particularly use photos on their posts to make reading interesting and easier. Often times, readers get bored with 900 words article. But when you add a nice photo at the beginning (by the top right), you’ll encourage them to read more.

Steps To Make Money With Photo Sharing

Now, in order to make money with photo sharing, all you’ve to do is get a digital camera. But that’s not all, you need to learn photography. The basic knowledge is vital before you start. Don’t wait until you’re an expert to get started. The more shots you take, the better your skills grow and you grow into full fledged photographer. Traditionally, we all can take shots, but the difference is in the quality and that’s where professionalism comes in.

Learn Photoshop Online

As a digital photographer, it would be great if you learn how to beautify photos. Photoshop makes it exceptionally simple and fun. You can change the color, adjust the contrast and do a lot of things to your photos. On my niche blog where I review mixbook discount code and snapfish discount coupon.

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How To Make Money On The Internet

Nice photos are hot online and webmasters can do anything to get it. If you decide to sell your photos, there are several ways to do that.

Contact Media Publishers and Sell Photos

Media publishers are those people who work in magazine, newspaper and news related sites like CNN, BBC etc. Not just that, there countless skin care magazines, health and adult magazines where you can sell your photos.

These media publishers are willing to pay handsomely for your well treated photos. That’s why you need to know photoshop and how to adjust photos. At night, you can make your photos to look brighter than normal, with Photoshop tools.

You can patch, remove acne and skin tags. Entirely refurbish your photos and sell it at a fair price.

Sell Photos at Online Stock Photos

The last piece of string in photo sharing is to sell at With thousands of people searching these portals every single day, you wouldn’t have to struggle for sales or go broke.

If you search online, you’ll find 10s of places to sell your photos. But you must attach a right to such photos and specify ownership. is another great place for photo sharing but you need to license it either as creative common or as you choose.

How much can you make?

I’ve made $1000 in 2011 from 56 photos which I sold to media publishers. And I’m not even doing this business full time, I’m a full time blogger and that’s taken most of my time (writing).

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So, how many shots can you take in a month? 100, 200 or 1000? The choice is yours. The more photos you’ve and the demand for it, the more money you make. Isn’t that wonderful?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Chibuzor is a digital photographer and blogger. He recently reviewed Mixbook in his site Weight Loss Triumph, where he also writes about Snapfish. Mixbook and Snapfish are two popular sites where you can create digital photo books, cards, and calendars for the special occasions of your life and your loved ones.


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