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Looking back to the beginnings of a successful like is definitely inspiration to all of us. There is no secret you need a lot of luck to hit the jackpot, but hard work on the same level. Some of the stars knew that before they were even born, so let’s head to see some of the first jobs stars had to what they are now – who knows, by having the same job you might end up being a star one day! Stick with us and check out the list below – some of them might freak you out!

Jim Carrey – the Security Boy

Ever wanted to have your house secured by a muscle guy? If we were 40 years back in time, you could hire the one and only Jim Carrey! At the age of 15, his family was running out of money reason why he needed to take up an after-school job to help the money running. Not only he was enjoying the comedy clubs, but after two years of fearing them, he came back as a gangbuster – and he enjoyed it until the day of today.

Quentin Tarantino – usher at the theatre

Without knowing what his future and last job will be, Tarantino was firstly the usher of a theatre. Up until now, he admits working as an usher is the best job anyone could ever ask for. Not only do you get the chance to watch movies for free all day long, but can find the good in the bad. For instance, the grand Tarantino (little Tarantino among those days) did not find the theatre he eventually worked in more than boring. Now, due to that job, he is gladly worldwide renowned and probably couldn’t reach what he did up till today.

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Mark Burnett – the Nannyboy

If you watched Survivor or the Apprentice, you definitely know what we are talking about. The grand producer, on his name Mark Burnett was one day going some tough times moving to America. One of his friends said to him there will be chauffers jobs, but no path to them for him. Instead, in order to put his money on ballance, he decided to take up a job – any job you would say. He finally end up as a nanny, thinking this would be his job for only two weeks. Badly for him, the job extended to two years!




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