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Squirrly SEO Plugin

Have you ever heard about the features Squirrly SEO Plugin can provide any writer with?

What makes a good article be completely interesting, unforgettable and easy to go through? In today’s era, fewer  people tend to have the opening to fully read an article from head to toe. There’s no wonder why, since videos and other applications can reveal the entire practice of anything you are looking for, but the base is hidden behind the black lines on the white paper – the whole text that is subtly being avoided, because of the big amount of uninteresting information most of the articles come with. Still, there is no need to worry!

Features of the Squirrly SEO Plugin

Florin Muresan is the founder and CEO of Squirrly UK – what does it mean? It means that nowadays, thanks to his amazing and really handy invention, bloggers and writers can have their articles fully yet perfectly optimized in just a matter of seconds! Stick with us to find more about the features on the Squirrly SEO Plugin Review, presented down below:

Domain field

It consists in only one yet essential task to start optimizing your articles – any of the keywords have to be different from the domain name, so that you will get the outcome expected from the very beginning.

Title requirements

One utterly important necessity here is the usage of the keywords in the title. Also, it is ought to be having minimum 10 yet maximum 75 chars, as well as to be different from the domain name.

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Content optimization

The entire process is focused on creating the best article for a reader to find over the Internet, so there’s no doubt the content is the most important. Since the reader’s feedback is best to be a positive one, let’s take a look at what the Squirrly SEO Plugin can help us with.

First of all, you will need to use the keywords chosen in the content, preferably in the first sentence. Moving on to the next requirement, here we meet the length, which needs to exceed 80 words (that’s an easy task, since this number is surely not a weight on a writer’s shoulders). Also, for having your article 100% optimized, make sure to bold the important keywords from your content among which to add an image that best fits your article topic.

Talking about which, the Squirrly SEO Plugin comes with a feature that’s more than handy – by entering the keywords from the very beginning, on the top right, you will notice it starts to pull anything from images, tweets, wikis or blogs – not only are they able to give you some inspiration, but also provide you with a wide variety of photos from which to choose the best one.

All of the features the Squirrly SEO Plugin comes with can be at your hands, free on the first two weeks. After the trial is over, you can still have it for only $19.99 per month, or – watch this – still free, optimizing two of your articles per month, the ones you are looking for to be perfect from head to toe. All you need to do is one easy step – optimize to PRO!

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These being said, there’s no doubt your money are well spent, especially if you are looking for blooming your business faster than expected!


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