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Are you one of the lucky people working online? Do you love being able to work from any place that has a WiFi connection, to do something more aside from what everyone of us is doing everyday? If so, raise a hand! As anyone would know, there are hundreds of advantages a nightly bee has these days, yet there are few disadvantages to avoid interfering.


In case you wish to be secure from them, make sure to stick with us and keep on reading so that you will not have at any pace to pay an arm and a leg in order to get back! Take a look on the next 3 little disadvantages of working online to know what to avoid!



Working online equals working at your laptop or PC. Nothing wrong with that, just that by staying so much in front of the desktop your eyes are the ones to suffer. This is the same reason why so many of us have heard of the saying – do not stay more than 4 hours a day in front of the desktop. Yeah, I have heard it as well… yet, how many of us do really get a thing out of it? There are a few, reason why when working online it is a must to go to see your doctor every 3 months to see that nothing goes out of the deal.


Night Shifts

Of course, I do not mean the night shifts you do at McDonald’s or Burger-King. Yet, most of my friends use to work for private companies abroad just because they have this amazing working schedule, during the night. They go after that at their daily job and somewhere between 3  pm and 1am they get the chance to sleep. I know that no one who enjoys working would not say no to this opportunity, yet by working in such a complex schedule you basically have no time left for social interaction (most of your relatives, friends might be sleeping as a normal human being, reason why you will find yourself mostly alone – yet with a big amount of money).

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Quite hard to believe it, there is a slightly possibility for the online working to turn you into a workaholic. Just because you can work from literally everywhere you want, at any hour, you might loose track of time and turn into what most of us call it, a workaholic. Make sure to draw a line between your personal life and career to keep it on the right path!



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