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Nowadays, everyone is looking for taking up the greatest way in life, without mistakes. We know that just a single step out of the right way might make our careers go in a wrong direction, reason why no errors are there to be made. Still, we all know which would be the best investments to do in a lifetime. But we don’t quite seem to realise that as time goes by, we tend to invest a lot of money in unnecessary things that to sum it up, are extremely expensive and take our money without us even noticing it. In case you wish to stop that from happening, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to see the worst things where you should not invest your money into!



Believe it or not, throwing your money at electronics will just make you be in debt. If it happens to you to have some time, make some logic associations and see that you could use some pieces that you already own for the things that some other pricey pieces would do. It is the same job, and on top of that they will not appear on your kitchen, all over the table. Instead, you will have enough space to work and on top of that, no money needed to be given. Every piece of electronics come with a piece of guarantee, of 2 years I believe, but they seem that in the very day of those 2 years to fall apart. So, where is the business in here?

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Okay, I know everyone of us wants to look good. This is human nature, especially women who always want to be appreciated for their looks. And I don’t say no to that. But there is a fine line between throwing the necessary money on clothes and spending thousands on a pair of shoes! And that fine line is a credit card which in less than you think would create to you a big debt. And guess what? Next year all of these clothes will be old fashioned and on top of that, you would get bored of them faster than you think!



Everyone has to own a car at least once in a lifetime. But what is the point of having 2 cars for a single person? Why would you like to pay so many fees and on top of that, keep an eye on both of them?


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