Have you ever wondered why is there such a big difference between the geek side and the party animals one? Why are there so many disruptions between the two sides, taken into account the fact that both of them study at the same university? Well, as we all know, school is not for all of us. There are people who are mostly keen on studying, whereas the rest of them take the easy path. Unfortunately though, this easy path does not lead to massive success, but to a stage of complete laziness. In case you want to know from now on why should you be in top 10 at university, stick with us and keep on reading to build up your ambition!


Probably the main reason everyone is fighting for, catching an opportunity is what you can get most out of the University. You should know that different companies, businesses or commitees are looking to attracting more and more students to enter their offices. Unfortunately though, there are limited seats and who do you think they would choose from? I will let you know that, it is pretty easy – from the best students, especially from top 10. So, would you want to be one of them now or not?

Well paid Part-Time Jobs

Believe it or not, when being chosen for an internship you are ought to be receiving some great money at your hands, for only some hours since you will be working on a part time basis. But again, who do you think that will be chosen for those internships? I bet we are talking about the same people, the top 10 students who have the best grades. Who would not want to be one of them from now on? I know I would! When there are hundreds of advantages, none should be your stop.

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When heading for a great job at a big company, a strong reccomendation might be your key to getting the post. Of course, it does not mean that a strong CV is not needed, but a reccomendation from someone respected is always welcomed and more appreciated. And tell me, what professor would not accept to write such a reccomendation to someone who diserves it, someone who is in top 10 at the university? I bet no one would say no to someone like that!


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