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Plugins can make your job easier and can help your blog to look better and be more functional.And some plugins are made to help you monetize your blog and maximize your revenue.

They are all different and have different ways to help you generate more income with your blog.Some will help you with your ads, affiliate links, and some will help you to generate more leads easily and fast.

I will tell you even about plugins which can help you to sell different types of services and products beside advertisement.Because you need to have multiple sources of revenue, don’t rely only on adsense, always have plan B ready to use.

WordPress Plugins to Make Money With

Ad Plugins

Komoona Ads – is a perfect, FREE WordPress plugin! it helps you sell banner ads, monetize your traffic and make money.

This plugin is the best for me, it’s free, it helps me sell banner ads with 3 easy steps. The plugin form don’t give headaches to advertisers, since they don’t need to chase you, email you and ask how to start advertising with you.

They just click on “advertise here” button, upload or create banner, select the period and pricing customize it and pay. It’s that easy, and admin panel of the komoona ads have everything you need, from uploading your “click here” image ad to analytics and payments, coupons that you can create for your advertisers and help them save some money,which only makes your business deal stronger.

I only have one comment for this plugin, it’s hard to uplaod html banner from affiliate companies like cj. Maybe there is option somwhere, if i missed it, please tell me in the comments. But this plugin will not disappoint you, it simply has all you need to make money with your blog.

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Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites

Awesome Ads – Awesome Ads is a free plugin that automatically insert Google Adsense and Chitika ads into your Posts and Pages.

I personally use this one too, and it helped me a lot, you just insert your adsense id and choose the type of ad you want to use. You will not need to insert your adsense code manually ever again, plugin do all this for you automatically. You can choose where you want your ads to appear, in home, posts and pages, you can also set the number of ads to appear.The customization of ads, color and type can be changed from the plugin.

But the best option of this plugin is that it has “Adsense Revenue Share” options to set from the background. It means that you can share revenue with your authors and writers, they just need to send you their adsense id. After that you just set the percentage you want them to get from the ads, and they will get money every time someone clicks on the ads. Authors will earn money just from the ads that appear on the posts they wrote, not from your or any other authors articles.

Only thing that can be improved is number of different ads types to create, for now you can create up to 3 ads on the pages and posts but only from one type of ad, like 300×250 for example. This plugin deserves more downloads and more reviews and can help you to make money online with your blog.

Adsense Widget – You can use this widget to easy and in second put the adsense ad in the sidebar of your blog. You just put your adsense id in the plugin settings, customize your ad color, choose the ad type and you’re ready to go. There is also an option to hide ad from users or admins. This is really useful plugin and can help you to make more revenue from your active sidebar.

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E-Commerce Plugins

WooCommerce eCommerce plugin – WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything.Create your own store right on your blog and sell your or other peoples products, selling can be one of the fastest ways to make money online.

WP e-Commerce – WP e-Commerce is a free WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin that lets customers buy your products, services and digital downloads online. Sell your products very easy, this is one of the most used and it has tons of features and payment gateways which will only help you to make money with this plugin.

eShop – eShop is an accessible shopping cart plugin for WordPress. I played a little bit with this plugin, and I can say that admin panel is really easy to used. It’s well coded and organized, maybe there’s not that much features, but this is also one of the good plugins that will help you with your online revenue.

There are so many other good e-commerce plugins, but it would take forever to list them and write about them.

And I also need to tell you about some other interesting money making plugins out there.

Other Money Making Plugins

VideofyMe – If you missed or forgot, I wrote an article last year about make money with your ad views using videofyMe. Basically website will pay you for every single view on your video. Amazing, you upload the video and just share it, then just sit back and watch the views and money just rising. Well now you can use their wordpress plugin and make money with videos on your blog.

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Add VideofyMe videos to your blog by either uploading or recording them directly in your interface. Very easy to use and you make money on every ad view on your videos.

PayPal Donations – I don’t use this on my blog, maybe in the near future, just to collect some money for my hosting. This plugin will help you to add paypal donation button  as a Widget or with a shortcode, and collect donations for your hard work and help you provided on your blog or website.

I know that there are many more good plugins that can help you to make money online, if you have some to recommend, don’t hesitate to drop a comment and help many.


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