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Do you travel for work? If so, you probably find yourself navigating a lot of unfamiliar cities to meet with new people regularly. While that’s a great way to see new places (and get paid to do so!), it can also leave you in a lot of vulnerable situations.

If you’re looking to increase your safety protocols for business travel, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn our favorite safety tips for business travelers.

Preparing for Business Travel

Proper safety starts with proper planning. Here’s the scoop on what to bring (and what not to bring) for a safe trip.

1. Pack to blend in. Leave any flashy or expensive jewelry, watches, coats, and more at home. These types of items can make you a target for petty crime.

2. Make 2 copies each of your passport, plane ticket, driver’s license, and credit cards. Leave one copy at home and place another in a safe place in your luggage. That way, if you lose any of these items, you’ll have a backup.

3. Share your itinerary with your spouse, a relative, or a close friend in case of emergency. Let them know that you’ll call them upon your return. Be sure to keep them updated with any last-minute changes to your trip.

4. Pack any necessary medications in your carry-on in the event that your luggage is lost.

5. Back up your work electronics to an external hard drive, then leave it at home. If it gets lost or stolen, you’ll still have a copy of all of your necessary files. Alternatively, a cloud server works great for this and can be accessed from anywhere. And make sure to pack all necessary travel tools to stay in touch with your team while you’re gone.

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While in Transit

These days, airports have so many security measures in place—but that doesn’t mean you’re totally protected. Stay alert with the following tips.

6. Never leave your items unattended. This goes for your luggage, laptop, purse, cell phone, and more. They could be stolen by another traveler or seized by airport security as a suspicious item.

7. Hold your passport on your person, rather than in your luggage or purse. It’s best to hold it in a zippered pouch hidden in your clothes.

8. Keep a close eye on your items as they travel through the security checkpoint to ensure another traveler doesn’t snag them.

9. If you need help sleeping on the airplane, opt for a natural supplement like travel-ready CBD gel capsules from CBDfx rather than a sedative or narcotic. Stronger drugs leave you at risk for confusion or impairment and can leave you vulnerable once you’ve arrived at your location.

10. Always take a secure and official form of transportation to your overnight accommodations. Contact your hotel to see if they have a shuttle service from the airport. If they don’t offer it, use a registered taxi or a ride sharing service. Verify the license plate prior to getting into the car, and never accept a ride from a stranger in the airport.

During Your Stay

Hotels are full of travelers coming and going. A single stay in a hotel can leave you interacting with tens of staff, other travelers, and more. Here’s how to keep yourself safe:

11. When booking your room, request a room on the 3rd floor or higher. This will protect you from break-ins on the ground floor. Additionally, upper-level floors often require a key card to access via elevator, providing you an additional layer of protection.

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12. When checking in, write your information down for the front desk receptionist rather than saying it out loud.

13. Keep your hotel room door locked at all times. If you’re inside the room, lock the deadbolt in addition to the door lock. If you travel often, you may want to invest in a portable travel door lock for added security.

14. Don’t use the hotel safe; they’re extremely easy to break into. Most hotels offer a separate, more secure safe that they monitor. If you want to store something in it, ask for a receipt.

15. If you lose your room key, report it to the front desk and request that they re-key your room. If they can’t, ask to be moved to a different room.

With these 15 safety tips, you can ensure that your next business trip will be hassle free and free from any harm.

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