You quit your job, It can be strange for someone to hear that, especially in times of financial troubles. But I understand you, and know exactly how do you feel, you didn’t give up without any reason.

You were probably underpaid and worked your a.. off, and over time, bud didn’t receive any promotion or increase in your pay check.  And in financial crisis like this one, many businesses just can’t pay you enough, but you and your family need money.

Then what to do, how to make money after you just quit your job for a good reason?

You can always do something else, in your field of work or learn another trade, but the market is changing constantly and it can be hard.  It’s time consuming and can take a lot of cash from your pocket.

Times are changed and millions of jobs have been lost but millions were created too, and right now the best job to have is one you can do online and from your home office.

Internet has revolutionized the way we work and live, for example look at me, I’m sitting in my home office right now and writing this post in order to help you realize the best ways to make money after you quit your job. Because this is my full time job, and I know what you need, I’ve passed through all that too, sometimes we need a push in a right direction.

And I want this post to be right that, a point and a little push for faster development and faster way for you to make money online.

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Make Money From Selling

So here are the 3 fastest ways to make money online after you quit your job:


Sell Products

Just like the offline world, you will be successful as long as you have something to buy and sell, of course it’s preferable to sell more than you buy. Selling can be hard, but there is only rule you need to follow: find the right market, right now on the web, the digital products are very very popular.

And they are popular because no shipping and handling is required, everything is done with a click of a mouse, like diet and relationship related ebooks and products, they will always be a hit and will bring a tons of cash to ones that sell them. There are many sites where you can sell your own digital products or someone else.

But they don’t necessarily need to be a digital products, for example, on etsy,  where you can have your own free online shop for handmade products. If you like to work with your hands, this is the goldmine for you then, you can make money and create something that will last long time after you’re gone.

Become a Freelancer

This is one of the best and smartest ways to monetize the skills you got while working on your last job. If you’re a writer, web designer, accountant, lawyer or even a handyman, you can make money as a freelancer. There are many websites like freelancer or peopleperhour, where you can find the right job opportunity for yourself.  You can make a lot as a freelancer, since these websites can connect you fast with couple of clients at once.

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Make Money With Facebook

Try it out, after you quit your job, this will probably be best way to make money online and to still get that feeling that you know your field of work like nobody else and that you’re still ready for well paid work.

Start your own Business

There is nothing else more rewarding then working in your own small business or company. All you need to do is to create a website or blog and tell the world more about yourself or your products and services. It can be anything from a blog like mine, to an e-commerce website where you can sell anything just like you have your own store.

Best solution for most businesses and individuals is to create a simple website where they can show their skills and pricing. Being online and being connected can help you more then on your last job. Now you can meet some new interesting people and try to convert them into leads and your loyal customers, from that point on, you can only grow and expand.


There you go, there are many ways to make money online, but these 3 are the fastest and most secure ones. If you need some more tips, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below.


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  1. i think selling your unused stuff is the fastest way to make money online

  2. Blogging is another great way to make money online after quitting your job, but having a unique angle is must in everything you do to make money online.

    • That’s true Ehsan, blogging is another great way to make money online. But sometimes it takes a too much time which many people find frustrating to them, and as you said, having a unique angle is a must in everything we do to make money online.

      thanks for being loyal visitor and for commenting 🙂

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