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So let’s say you have an eight hour job or you’re a student and you want to earn some extra cash for a brand new tablet PC or a smartphone. Probably the closest you can get to a part time job to earn some money is by house sitting, babysitting, dog walking or dressing up as a giant taco during weekends and giving away fliers on the street. And while these jobs can pay enough to add to your stash, the amount of work and time you need to spend can easily burn you out. Why even bother doing all these jobs when you can actually earn money by sitting in a chair and typing on your computer?

Because of massive technological progress, even finding jobs can be easily done through the Internet. In fact, the United States Census Bureau conducted a survey in 2010 that proves how more and more people are opting to work at home with the aid of the Internet; so much so that from 1997 to 2010, more than four million people worked at least once a day every week, and this number is continually growing. Today, one out of ten Americans work at home at least once a week to minimize stress and the costs in commuting. So what does this mean? With the influx of online jobs and the massive amount of mobile devices that will allow anyone to work anywhere, even at home, it is not impossible to make some extra cash without having to break a sweat in part-time jobs. Here are just three of those online jobs:

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Sell Stock Photos

One of the many, unexplored money-making routes on the Internet is selling stock photos. Microstock companies are those little online companies that buy licensed photos that can be used for advertising paraphernalia. If you have a camera for shooting and a computer for photo editing, this will be a no-sweat trick for you. Take photos of food, products, portraits, landscapes and sports and then upload them on microstock websites for registration and licensing. The only downside to this is that it takes quite some time and expertise to get into selling photo stocks.

Sell Your Email Address

Another way you can earn some cash is by selling your email address to websites that need them for email marketing. Basically, you sign up to get paid by simply receiving emails and reading them. Most of the time, you will also be required to click and view the emails. You get paid in points or cash for every email you open in your inbox! However, you have to remember that this does not make a lot of cash in an instant. For the most part, you’re going to have to make referrals, build networks, open hundreds and hundreds of mails before making ten bucks since companies often pay five to ten cents for every email opened.

Sell Your Old Gadgets

If you’re not a very crafty person who can sell bracelets or clothes on Etsy, you can also try selling iPhone and smartphone units that are used or broken beyond repair! There are many refurbishment companies on the Internet that buy broken iPhones in exchange for cash and all you have to do is enter the device model, fill out a form and ship the device (usually for free). You can also ask your friends and family for electronics they don’t use anymore because usually, the more you units you have the more you can get profits by selling iPhones.

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There are so many more things you can do on the Internet to make some cash. You can start a blog, do reviews, answer surveys, do some searches, spread some links and even play games! Finding the perfect Internet sideline all boils down to how well you research and how much you know about the Internet.

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