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Even I don’t why I used this title, maybe it’s something called feelings, fear or even a soul, that caused me to react this way?

Can you really lose your blog, soul or the right path to success? Maybe, but certainly it’s not something you can live with and pretend like it’s not there.

It’s been quite some time, since I wrote my last blog post, many other things and business ventures sidetracked me and made me feel like I’m on the right way, but I always had my MakeMoneyInLife to get back to.

How to Lose a Blog and Get it Back?

Things change and things evolve, and blogging is not an exception, markets get saturated and they die, they corrupt. But can something similar happen to one blog or even a blogging community?

Sure it can, I didn’t lose my blog in the way that I don’t own it anymore, from the legal point of view. But I lost my blog in this over saturated market, there are too many blogs online right now.

Getting to the right audience and right success is harder than before, you need to know what to write about and how to keep those readers come back for more.

You will lose your blog if you do these things:

– stop writing
– stop innovating
– stop evolving
– stop providing value
– stop loving what you do

You will get it back if you…
just add “start” instead of “stop”

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I got my Blog back when I found smart people to help me write new things ( big thanks to Gabriela and Nikola) and many others, you know who you are.

I got my blog back, when I found inspiration and love for what I do, and I love writing. Maybe I’m good at affiliate marketing, design or making money, but what I really love to do more than anything is to write.

And I owe all those things I’m good at because I Write, I’m not the best writer out there, but I use my passion and I put my heart in every sentence you read here.

I got my blog back when I connected to more people online, when I used different marketing strategies.


It’s getting too late, I’m going to make this short, if you start a blog, make sure you don’t lose it.
Don’t get sidetracked, keep writing, keep providing value to your readers, even if it’s something like the article you’re reading right now.

Evolve, use the money you earn from blogging to evolve and to invest in yourself, your business, your blog, in your education, time and loved ones.

New article is coming tomorrow and I will have something ready for you, something more straight to the point about making money online and where is this whole “working from home” industry headed.

Now…. can I get my Blog Back Please?



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