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Like much of the year just gone, Christmas 2020 is promising to be a very strange experience for all of us. For the first time ever, families have an unwelcome novelty in forming ‘Christmas bubbles‘ just to see with each other. The reason why is one we’ve become all too familiar with. And it’s perhaps one that we’d like to put to the back of our minds – if only for a day or two.

As we continue to live with the impact of Covid-19, however, it’s understandable why some of us are choosing to scale back on how much we’re spending this year. It doesn’t have to make Christmas any less special though. We can all make the most of these holidays as best we can  without spending a fortune – and the Parcel2Go app is just one small tool helping to do this.

The reasons for spending less this Christmas

Many Brits are going to be spending less this Christmas – with two-thirds saying the economic impact of Covid-19 has caused them some form of financial loss. Rising unemployment, closed businesses and higher bills due to working from home are just some of the costs that we have to bear as a result of the current restrictions. And it means that, for many, money is tight.

It’s not only a question of not being able to spend either. The pandemic has seen us add more to our savings. This could be inspired by the need to save for tougher times ahead. Or it could simply be that, for some people, a dream holiday has become a much higher priority after our travel plans were all put on hold this year.

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What can people do to save money this year?

It doesn’t take a herculean effort to enjoy Christmas on a budget. While there might be some sacrifices and compromises, none of them need detract from the festivities we associated with this time of year. You could agree with your family not to buy presents for each other – or put a smaller limit on how much you spend.

You can choose to do your food shopping at a different supermarket or opt for pre-loved gifts instead of brand-new. But some of the other tricks to saving money this Christmas are not as obvious. Take the Parcel2Go smartphone app, for example. If you can’t see friends and family this Christmas, this app can help you save money on your postage costs.

The benefits of the Parcel2Go smartphone app

The app gives you a window into the cheapest delivery option for your package or parcel. You might have a go-to provider in mind. But is it the best value for money? You may be surprised to learn how much you can save by shopping around – much like your utility bills and internet provider! And don’t forget the various delivery options you can choose from.

It’s also convenient to do it all from an app. We order takeaways and online shopping from our phones – why not our parcel delivery? Once you choose your delivery option, it’s just a matter of dropping off your parcel. No queues, no hassle. And maybe just one more great example of how tech has helped us for the better in 2020 – despite everything else that’s been going on.

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