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CPM stands for (cost per thousand impressions), and this term is used in online advertising and web traffic marketing. Basically advertisers will pay CPM network to show thier banner ad on your website.

Then you just copy the code that CPM network gives you, and you paste it on your website or blog. It’s not that hard at all, and the process is easy for both advertisers and publishers. Now when you join the CPM network and want to make money, you are a Publisher and that means that your websites are windows of opportunities for advertisers and their businesses. That’s why many people pay to CPM to advertise their businesses online.

If your traffic is great, then you don’t need to worry at all, you can use any network you want. and the more traffic you get, the more money you will make. But there are some networks that are simply bad and will not pay you at all, you need to watch out for that, or you will loose your time and maybe even your precious visitors.

Here is the list of some Best CPM networks that you can use and make money online:

BuySellAds – My personal favorite, it’s hard to get accepted since you need to have at least 50,000 monthly unique visitors. But the payouts are huge, I think that minimum payout is $50. You can cashout two times a month, once the advertiser pays you for banner ad, your money will be available after 2 – 3 days. Just connect your paypal account and you’re ready to cash in your popular blog or website. Highly recommended. Only bad thing I have to say is that I noticed in last couple of days, the network seems to lower my traffic stats.  My traffic is growing and google analytic is used and all, but they lowered the numbers, not just for me but for other publishers too. This is my call to them to check out this issue more carefully. They have many other options, like making money with your twitter account, and setting up your own CPM price per 1K impressions.

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Adsense – You’ve all heard for this bad boy, it’s one of the most popular and reputable network . All mayor advertisers are working with Google and all he has to offer. You will need to work your a.. of to make money with Adsense, minimum payout is I think $100 and for Europe it’s 70 Euros. If you manage to get traffic of around 1000 unique people a day, you will be able to earn from $50 to $120 dollars. That’s nothing compared to traffic we give to their advertisers, and they need to update those ad formats, we want different types of banners like premium advertisers have. Also those payouts based on previous month earnings are just the old school, people need more speed. But again, highly recommend it, you can make money with adsense for sure.

Chitika – Watch out for your back Google, this player know how to play the game. Als one of the best and reputable CPM companies out there, you can use them together with adsense on your website or blog. Chitika charges advertisers to be featured alongside your site’s content. At the end of every month you will paid based on the previous month’s earnings (Net 30). Payments are sent after your account earns at least $10.00 (USD) for PayPal payouts or $50.00 (USD) for checks. I can only say bad things about website design and of course, more pie to the publisher. But again, they pay good and you will make more money then anywhere else.

There you go, the best 3 from my personal experience, some other networks are good too, but I wont lie you, I didn’t tried them. Maybe I did but I don’t remember because they payout were probably very low.  Please be careful and check every network before you join, read their FAQ, don’t let yourself to be fooled and not payed because your traffic is not targeted. Or just because you’re from country that is not supported with the network. The more you learn the more money you will make using CPM networks.

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