There comes a time in every blogger’s life when the need to see his hard work rewarded, or at least, paid shows off. Whether you have just started working on a blog or have owned one for some time now, the next modality of earning money will surely feel handy anytime. Working on a blog throughout years requires real passion and dedication, but unfortunately there are few of us who manage to stick to their blog even in the case of earning nothing but admiration. Still, for the rest of us who are intrinsically motivated and want to see blogging as an additional way to earn some money and even making a living by that, BiteAds is a great start!

Making money

Founded in 2012, BiteAds comes as a smart choice when thinking where to go for an appealing way to make money from your blog, by recommending products to any of your friends. All you have to do from now on requires an eye on the following steps!

Create an account at

It’s easy, free and due to its clean working area, you will quickly see it as a pleasure to be coping with such an appealing money making platform. In addition to the casual singing up form, BiteAds will require you to fill the PayPal or bank account text box with your personal details – but don’t worry, all of them are kept secret and used only when receiving your earnings.

Read carefully the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy lists

No one likes them, or may be ever willing to go through them. Still, taking into account the fact that you will be paid for your services, it is utterly important to keep an eye on them and not to break any of the rules. By this way, any of the bloggers using BiteAds will be able to foresee any unexpected situations, solving them in a matter of seconds.

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Find the right BiteAds for your blog

Since there is a wide variety from which to choose, you can easily find the one that best suits your niche. On the other hand, a nice and yet minimalistic URL shared on a straight and serious website may appeal and get all the attention of your daily or weekly followers– the more your visitors click on it, the bigger your earnings will be!

Keep promoting your blog

Just like in any other businesses, promoting your blog is utterly important to get new visitors – in short, to increase the number of clicks the BiteAds placed on blog will get.

These being said, if the steps mentioned above are followed as expected, you are closer to making your blog worth money! Make sure to fulfill those requirements to see your business growing and developing, providing you with serious funds to even making a living by that!


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