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People of this time and age are lucky to have a wealth of information at their fingertips, meaning pretty much any question can be answered by entering it into a search engine.

For a more comprehensive explanation or unique perspective on any topic, blogs are up there with the most visited and trusted sites. Whatever your specialty or focus of interest, be it finance (how to understand credit score ranges), entertainment (gossip), or sports, there is bound to be a number of people out there interested in what you have to say.

There are ways in which to make a profit from your writing and potentially provide you with an income where you can focus solely on developing your site.


The most popular way of making money from your blog is by allowing advertisement on your page. By choosing whether to attempt to make money by impressions or per-click, it is important to understand the difference between the two.

Impression essentially means that you will receive compensation when you have amassed a certain number of page views, while per-click will see you rewarded a portion of revenue accumulated from the number of clicks on adverts on your blog.

Integrate affiliate links 

Companies such as Amazon Associates can offer up to 10% when you link up with them and advertise their products on your site. There are numbers of ways to integrate any link to the product or company, with the most popular being direct links and advertising banners.

Reach out and collaborate with other sites

By getting your name out there and writing posts linking to your own site, you can increase traffic to your blog. The more people come across your site or the name of your blog, the better chance you have of making money from ads and endorsements.

Consider other means of building your audience base

The same principle as engaging in guest posts and attempting to draw more eyes to your blog, by discovering new ways to get your name out there, you are increasing the chance of ongoing success.

Think of ideas relating to YouTube content, social media posts, and campaigns which can build up your subscriber base and brand. The more blog readers you have increases the chance of social media shares and more people getting a grasp of what you do.

When you have an audience, offer membership packages

Maybe there is content or output you are willing to offer general subscribers but have other products or services you feel should only be reserved for those who pay a fee. By encouraging your subscribers to sign up to news, offers, and information relating to a “premium package??? or membership, you are also obtaining email addresses and contact information which can be used to send frequent communication.

While it is never a good idea to bombard anyone with too much pointless info, an email with a quiz, quote or piece of relevant or interesting appeal is likely to be well received.

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