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On paper, blogging seems incredibly easy. After all, you don’t have to be a professional writer, you just need inside knowledge of a subject and the ability to string some comprehensible sentences together.

While actually starting a blog is much easier than it ever has been with sites like Blogger and WordPress being so popular, actually making money by operating a blog can be very challenging for exactly that reason – it’s hard to rise above the countless other blogs.

If you’re already running a blog that’s doing well or you want to start one that will be profitable, it’s not always going to be easy. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Use these tips to make money through blogging and build a career – or at least a profitable hobby – that you love.


Sites like Blogger make sharing your writing easy.

Be Diligent

Whether you’re just getting a blog off the ground or you’ve been running one for years without making any money, the most important thing when it comes to monetizing a blog is an incredibly simple one. You need to remain diligent in your efforts.

That means that if your blog readers expect daily updates because that’s what you’ve promised them, you need to do everything in your power to provide those updates. If you need to scale back, do it, but make sure you always provide content that’s fresh when readers are expecting it.

Improve Your Writing

Writing blog posts doesn’t require literary greatness, but improving the flow and power of your writing is an excellent long-term way to boost readership and create a blog that’s really worth something to advertisers.

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The simple act of writing and refining your writing is beneficial, but many people benefit from a writing class. If a structured class doesn’t seem right for you, a few simple books on the subject can be helpful.

Make sure you focus on areas where you thinking your writing might be lacking so you can improve quickly.

Write Guest Blog Posts

You’ve already got your own blog, so the last thing you need to be doing is writing for other people, right? The truth is that writing guest blog posts for more popular blogs is a great way to gain exposure.

Sure, you’ll have to do a bit of extra work, but it’s a lot cheaper than advertising and the exposure can be just as good.

If you do write guest blogs, make sure there are several links back to your blog as well as your name and contact information within the post. Otherwise it’s a wasted effort.

Sell a Product

No matter what topic your blog is on, chances are there is a product that you can sell to avid readers. For example, if you’re writing a cooking blog, a cookbook or products like aprons, appliances and cooking supplies are the obvious choices. Even blogs with less obvious related products – a blog about law, for example – can sell informational and educational books on the topic.

Fun, less serious blogs can also sell whimsical items like t-shirts and hats.

Making money with a blog can seem like a daunting chore if you’ve never made a cent from your writing before. However, it’s not impossible, it just takes some serious effort on your part.

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Doing all of the things above can help you earn some income, even if it doesn’t make you rich overnight.

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