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Are you in your 20s or still a student, learning for a Master Degree or even higher? Would you like to be able to travel abroad without having to pay an arm and a leg for it? If so, let me tell you how lucky you are! Students from all over the world have this opportunity to either work or study abroad at any time throughout the University period.


The advantage of doing it and heading to such a thing consists in the fact that they are paying significantly less than any other person in order to go abroad – and trust me, no one would say no to a $500 (or more) going rightly into their pocket! Stick with us and keep on reading to see how you can be the lucky one!



One of the most worldwide known traveling program for students, Erasmus+ is the right choice you should not miss especially if being in the European Union! This program is specially designed in order to help you travel abroad while studying at a different university any employee would die to see it in your CV! For a semester or two, take a break and enhance new opportunities – just like Erasmus+.



Yes, indeed! If one of your life goals is to travel to USA, now it is your time! Grab your luggage, make the papers, take the summer vacation from the wheel and off you go! Work&Travel is the very best program to enter and enjoy in order to visit the USA, make some money (lots of money, taken into account that you could have up to 3 part-time jobs) all while living an exceptional and unforgettable holiday. And who knows, you might just end up remaining in USA for the rest of your studies Рor even more! All you need to do is to earn and save the money needed for the ticket, but I am sure the detailed list on this blog is just about to tell you how to do that without having to make a move!

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Different Companies

When being a student, there is no better idea to have in mind than getting hired by a big company. Trust me, once in, you will be delegated to go to China, Europe or even the USA in order to give a package, send a message or even higher jobs! It is definitely one great way to see what’s your best country, even though being there for only 2 to 3 days.


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