Many people have websites of blogs, perhaps for small businesses that they run or personal projects and interests. These can be fun to work on and they can help with promoting yourself, causes you are keen on or your business. However, they do cost money, with domains, hosting and other costs adding up, if you choose to buy them. There are ways though, that you can make money back from your website, which will help to cover these costs. Some of these are explained below.

Google Adsense
Google Adsense is probably the most common way that people make money form their website. You can choose the types of advertisements that appear on the website and where they are placed. If someone clicks on the advertisement you will get paid and when you have made enough money you can cash out. This used to be a really lucrative way to make money, but ad blockers stop them from being seen, which means that there are a lot of people that cannot view the adverts and therefore will not click on them.

You can try selling banner ads yourself from your site. These may be seen as rather old fashioned these days though and will be blocked by ad blockers as well. It may be difficult to make enough money from these to get continued sponsorship this way. It may also not look too good on your website as it is really obvious advertising, there are some more subtle ways to do it which may not make you look so much like you are trying to generate money out of your visitors.

Sponsored links
Sponsored links can appear on the side bar or anywhere else on your website. These can look a bit more subtle and the advertiser can choose the text the link has as well as the site it links to. They might pay for a month, few months or even a year having the text on your site and this can bring in a decent income. Some may want permanent links, but unless these are within blog posts, it is not wise as while you have the website you will be obliged to have the link on that page even if you change the layout or feel that you do not want this sort of advertising anymore.

Sponsored Posts
Many people have blogs and use sponsored posts as a way of earning money from them. They might ask advertisers to write the posts or they may write the posts themselves. These attract a one off fee. To get this sort of sponsorship you can sign up to certain websites that will contact potential sponsors and let you know if any wish to advertise on your website. Alternatively you may be able to pick up sponsors yourself, perhaps by letting them know through your website or posting on forums.

Having a shop on your website can be a really great way to generate some money. Obviously you will need something to sell and if you are a business you may have plenty of things available. If not then you can use affiliate links instead. These allow you to make commission on sales when people buy things form other websites. You can do this through many big retailers as well as specialist sites and so it can be worth looking into.