If you want to make money with forum, using free and secure forum boards and making money with your own forum, then read this.

Many people on Internet are looking for information or help using forums, many forums webmasters online are making thousands of dollars online and you can too.

To start from the beginning, forum is the place where people with same interest exchange their opinions or tips,products, businesses, learn something new and even to make some money.

All you need to start is forum board, that is usually peace of software that can be free or paid, in this article I will show you the best and most secure free and paid forums which you can install with one click of a mouse.

How Can You Make Money With Your Own Forum?

Since forum is place where information of same or different topic can be found, traffic (website visitors) will raise quickly and when you reach big audience you can put ads on your forum.

Or you can advertise other people products for monthly price, because when people see  that your forum has community around it, they will want to advertise their business with you.

My personal opinion is that forums are great places, I’m always hanging out  around them, one of the most popular forums are

Digital Point – forum about SEO, Internet Marketing, Buying and  Selling Stuff, Offer your services and more.

Warrior forum – Amazing forum about Internet Marketing, Affiliate products and more.

DaniWeb – forum that is founded by one great women, and if you want to learn about It, web development and more, then this is right place for you.

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How Can I Get Rich?

There is so much great forums, and the list can go on and on, but All I can tell you that these amazing CEO’s are making enough money from their forum to support themselves and  they family and some even more.

When you’re staring your forum, you have to keep in mind, that people will need a lots of help and information provided from you or your top users, contributors or moderators. And don’t

start forum about topic if you don’t know anything about it, of course it’s possible, but if you know a lot about the topic you will save yourself a lots of time on learning and energy.

Lost dollar you can make again, but lost time is gone forever.

How To Make Money Making Forum And What To Use?

Many successful online forums started from scratch and with free forum software and boards, and you can later build up and secure your forum after you make some money.

Best Free forum boards online ( free doesn’t mean its bad, you will be amazed) all you need to do is to download them, install it on your hosting account and start a valuable community that will benefit from you and you will make money with it:

phpBB – this is great forum board and I personally started with it and found it really valuable,the #1 free, open source bulletin board software.

MyBB –  i recommend this forum too, I haven’t use it but I saw positive comments and their users users base is huge.

SMF – Well what to tell about this forum, If you haven’t heard about it then you are Alien (ho hard feelings)  but this forum is huge and with options that will easier your life, different templates and this kind of forum can be the solution for forums with a lot of users.
Now after we covered the free forums, lets go on to the paid ones, less people is using these, but mainly because of their prices.

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Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites

But once you tried them you are hooked up, for start there is nothing bad to go with free and I recommend you free, and after you make money form your advertisers you can update your forum with paid one, most of the free forum have the option for transferring forum from one system to another.

Best paid forum software boards are:

vBulletin – Content publishing, search, security, and more— vBulletin has it all. Whether it’s available features, support, or ease-of-use, vBulletin offers the most for your money.

IP Board – IP.Board powers thousands of forums, large and small.

XenForo – He is really popular right now. XenForo brings a fresh outlook to forum software.


There you go, you wanted to make money with forum and now you know what is popular, good and secure for you to start your own community forum.

What is necessary in order to make money with forum, big community, traffic, fresh and unique information and good forum board, after you make it popular, advertise it and enjoy the benefits.


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