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Can you make money with press release ? Have you seen the impact of Google+ in internet marketing?make money

If you haven’t it means you’ve been living under a rock.

In this informative post, I want to draw a line between press release distribution and Google+ circle marketing systems to determine how we can grow our web presence and make extra money.

Press release distribution has been around before I registered my first domain name 6 years ago.

When I came on board, I experienced a tremendous transformation with my contents and have never looked back.

If you’re a blogger, press release distribution should become your #2 marketing system after guest posting.

Yes, guest posting is very powerful as far as blogging is concerned. Having said that, how does Google+ work and what can a circle do for you?

Unlike press release distribution system, Google+ started barely a year ago and because of the core metric systems it was built on, savvy entrepreneurs has started reaping great dividends from their circles.

Build Strong Marketing Arsenal

An efficient combination of press release distribution and Google+ circle marketing could turn your blog around from lazy traffic to influx of targeted buyers. If you’re a freelancer, you cannot do without Google+.

Why is Google+ Circles Powerful?

Let’s not go the Google definition way, but for simplicity, a circle is a group of people who share the same marketing beliefs and often, their decisions are constantly the same. For instance, I’ve 5 different circles and one of such is tagged “clients.???

Clients are solution seekers. I’ve come to realize how special and core their decision channel is. They want their businesses to grow, they don’t care about your blog and how successful you are, what matters to them is their own.

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So, when you want to share “stuffs??? with clients, be savvy and make sure you hit the right button. If you use marketing hype to lure them, they might fall for your tricks but life will always give back what you put in.

Pre-Sell Prospects With A Media Release

You’ve just launched your new e-book that teaches how to grow an online business. What better way can you pre-sell buyers and explode sales, you should use press release to speed up the process.

Carefully target a specific keyword and have it in your title. Obey the latent semantic indexing rule by sprinkling your secondary keywords and phrases within the content. It’s the best article writing advice ever. Don’t just write for a particular keyword, according to Google and their weird algorithm, it’s called keyword-stocking. I’ve used preselling on my blog that reviews free gneil discount codes and prweb coupon code.

If you’re writing about Microsoft, mentioning Bill Gates, Window 7, operating systems and the likes will do the job perfectly. Why? It’s because Microsoft didn’t fall from heaven alone, it’s owned by someone who has created other products and brands like Window 7 software.

Rolling the Marketing Ball

Are you rolling the marketing ball or you’re a fan?

Fans have no benefits; their role is to cheer up the player. When the match ends, the player wins a medal and the fan goes home the same. Challenge yourself to win a prize with every effort you put in.

Stop having double minds in your marketing. Seek for the right answers like using guest posting, coupled with press release distribution and Google+ circle networking. All these are proven marketing systems that have made millionaires in the past and will continue to transform men’s life businesswise.

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Take This Home

You don’t need to work hard to succeed online, instead, work smarter by learning and using modern networking tools like Google+. To understand the immense impact of the internet around the world, see how corporate firms are adapting to press release distribution and social media for future survivals.

State your terms and take responsibility for your life. See you ahead!

About the author: Michael Chibuzor shows you how to write amazing press release to make money. For a review of PRweb see his website. He also offers a gNeil coupon code.  PRweb is a press release distribution company that helps you increase online visibility. gNeil makes available HR products and tools for your business.


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