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Reseller Hosting is type of hosting where you have your own brand and offer different types of services but using a servers from larger company, the one that sold you reseller hosting.

You buy a reseller web hosting package with 2,000 MB disk space and 2000 MB bandwidth.

You then break this into 10 separate accounts with 200 MB disk space and 200 MB bandwidth each and then you sell these smaller packages to your customers.

So if you sell each of these packages for $10.00 dollars a month you would be making $100.00 and your only cost is the reseller web hosting package which cost from $8-$15 a month.

So your total profit would be $85.00 a month.

To summarize, reseller web hosting is when you buy a large web hosting plan or dedicated server and then break it into smaller parts to resell to your clients.

How To Make Money From Reseller Hosting

You can be reseller of domains or hosting, depends of site and your own decision.

I’m going to talk you about why is this so easy, well many big hosting companies today have different and all in one packages.

What I mean by that, well you just buy the reseller package and you get website templates, your own offers and packages that you set the price on, the support is secured by the  hosting you bought the reseller hosting.

All you need to do is to choose the color, price and change a text on the site if you want, the administrator panel has everything inside, from the money you made to number of customers and status of purchases.

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Everything is handled by the bigger company in the backend, and your brand is on frontend which presents you in the bright light.

Support is handled by the hosting, and all you need to do is just to promote and secure your brand while making percentage of every sale you make with your hosting plans and website that has been made for you in front.

I’ll give you example of one good domain reseller, it’s from godaddy, they are really leaders in their job.

Sell their product and live the service to them, while making money online and enjoying the benefits.

Your only concern is to build the community around your brand and to build the trust, make your future customers believe in you, of course you don’t need to live everything in hands of the company you bought the reseller package.

There’s nothing more interesting then working for yourself and seeing your own hosting company grow while having the support of one trusted reseller hosting behind your back.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to have written all over your website that you are reseller, you will  put your own brand in first row and make it stronger.

Cheap Reseller Companies :

I will write here about some hosting companies that are selling cheap reseller hosting so that you can start more easily.


GoDaddy – Domain Reseller, start Your Online Business In Minutes. From $8.99/month.

HostGator – Reseller Hosting from $19.96/month.

Coolhandle – From $19.95/mo.



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