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Five letters, one word, so much fame and at the same time, so much hate. For years now, people have argued and gone through wars having as one of the main reasons the money. Nowadays, even in the 21st century we have billionaires who are not happier but always in the need for more. To put it into words, it is hard, so hard to have enough when there is little more and harder to taste life at its best when there is too much! In case you do not want to end up as being addicted to money, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye following the lines down below!


Deciding upon your daily goals is the first thing to do when waking up in the morning. As your feet hit the ground, until the dawn comes over, the entire day is yours. What will it be filled with? The short term priorities are the dreams you shoot for and can be put into practice soon, such as willing to save $100 for a new bag, pair of trousers or even a beautiful blouse! When talking about the long ones, here you will find finishing your studies, saving for a well-deserved vacation and many more. Still, in order not to become driven by money, you should definitely know what is what you aim for.


Happiness is the state of mind when relaxation comes over. There are many ways to meet happiness, but money definitely play a major role – and there is no wonder why. We feel happy when we do not need to make almost anything, when we are successful and when we feel loved. Well, we usually have to pay for it, and here is the role of the money. They are meant to help us, and everyone is able to gain at least a small sum in order to be happy. The less you have, the little standards you might impose to your happiness!

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Now, without any modesty, turning money into means and not a purpose is a MUST! Take a piece of paper, write it down and place it on your wall, to see it everyday. As humans, we tend to see money as a purpose rather than means for this is the reason why we often hear – the richer you are, the better. What is actually the key of holding a big amount of money in a bank account and feeling empty on the inside, having no social life or someone to feel loved to or simply ignored? Get off your comfort zone, set your brain to train and take your money to run in a getaway, a state change or everything you might need in order to be HAPPY!



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