There comes a time in every blogger’s life when the lack of inspiration comes across. It is neither a secret, nor something hard to cope with – if you know how to deal with those little efortless aspects among the internet. As far as I know myself, music plays a big part in my professional life, helping me pass over the lack of inspiration, and for some time, ambition. In case you want a hand to go through the week, stick with us and keep reading! A soft music on the background would help, wouldn’t it?


The Script – Hall Of Fame

Probably the most inspiring of them all, this one comes with a clear message – you can be the champion. An old japanese proverb said once „fall down 7 times, stand up 8???, provinding you with the reasons you need in order to get back in business. In addition, the lyrics are as well extremely familiar to what power means, linked back to you as a powerful one. If you want a bit of pushing ahead, The Script really knows the deal! Suitable on everyone’s taste, you should definitely play it along the next 2 songs!

Arcangelo Corelli Trio Sonata Op3, No 10

If you were looking for something more classic, this one is the best you would get. I managed to come across it some time ago, and now it is the top of my playlist! Such relaxing and soft tones would lead anyone into a different world, where creativeness is everywhere. As the song ends, you began to re-enter the reality together with the creativeness you saw there. Definitely worth a listen! Let’s go ahead our final song, one of which inspiration wouldn’t come.

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Duke Dumont – I Got U

Well… I know the lyrics are not that inspiring, but did you see that video? It is ravishing! Definitely one of the best in ages, leaving you breathless. When I first saw it, I knew where my next holiday would be. Such bright colors, such a good and luxurious food and such a clear sea, definitely my type! One thing you would get from this video is ambition – ambition to earn enough in order to travel the world. In addition, inspiration comes along with that, since who wouldn’t get inspired when seeing such beautiful views? I know I would! Regardless of song type, trust me – work is so much fun with your headphones on!


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