Ever thought of moving to a better, bigger, more beautiful place? Would you rather go for a quiet atmosphere, a fresh breathing air or just a place where to develop better and have a better career path?


Well, regardless your reasons and wishes, here we are talking about one ideal thing we are all craving for at least once in our lives – a common dream we share. Still, some of us dream it for more than once – especially the eastern europeens. They are the one wishing more for them and for their families, taking into account the communism regime most of them have encountered. Still, whether you have from this part of the globe or any other location, let’s see what the best 4 places to move in a lifetime would be!


Paris, France

Not because it is said to be the town of love and maybe because I am a woman and yes, sure, I got influenced by that. Actually, France has one of the best industries and career opportunities, regardless of fields. On the other hand, when talking about the view, Paris is definitely overwhelming! The streets, the air, the people and the language, all of them are turning this little fairytale into a lovestory. Talking money now, the average salary in here is $1500. Now, would you say yes to such a beauty? I would definitely do!


Berlin, Germany

Got some really great news to you, the german state helps you develop and live a happy life at least until you find a way out. Once stepping into the territory, this state helps you live a good life with 800 euros a month! All you need is all the right papers on the right order and – there you go!

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London, United Kingdom

Yes! Who would not want to live in the United Kingdom, seeing the historical monuments and feeling the fresh air on your face? Well, I know I would. London is one of the best educational centres you could ever try in your life! Your children, if not you, will take advantage of a really great place where to stay and live!


Olso, Norway

Believe it or not, Norway is the best country to educate yourself and develop! For years, it has turned out to have the best educational sistem, as well as a rating of 0% unemployement. So, what would you say?


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