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5 Effective Strategies for Social Marketing Beginners

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Starting your social media campaign can be an exciting and profitable experience, but you have to go in knowing which strategies you will use and how effective they can be. Without the proper planning, you will run into a lot of bumps that might risk your campaign’s overall chance at success. So, to give you a few ideas on some strategies that have proven to be effective, we are going to cover 5.

Blog Content

Blogging in itself is such a great marketing tool, but to integrate it with social media is even better. You will be able to come up with content for your audience, then link your social media profiles directly to your blog, which will then give your social media followers more value and a reason to continue to interact with your profiles. Not to mention your blog’s traffic will dramatically increase.

The more high quality content you produce, the more effective this strategy is and the more people you will attract. If you don’t already have a blog that gets traffic, starting a blog is quite easy. It might take some time for it to get some good traffic, but after a while, you will have no problem getting traffic.

Videos & Photos

Social media is known to have pictures and videos being posted all over the place, so join in on all of the fun. Posting relevant media to your profile on a regular basis will give people a reason to follow you and will get you more and more attention. You will want to always keep the media relevant to your niche, because if you start posting about random stuff, your audience might not like everything which decreases how effective it is. By using relevant media, you will always attract people that are interested in your niche and it will be much easier to provide them future media that they will appreciate.

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Using Promotions

Using promotions has always been a successful method to getting more customers and attracting more leads. Using this method on social media can be very profitable and will never go away. People love sales and promotional stuff, so depending on your niche, offer them something that they want directly through your social media profile. The more value you are able to give them the more effective it will be.

This especially works for retail type businesses that are able to slash prices during their promotions. Everyone loves to save money, so if you can, try this method for some good attention.

Interact With Relevant Communities

You can use the strategy of communicating with communities that are interested in your niche about subjects they are interested in. There are plenty of different ways to promote your profiles by doing this. You can publically contact industry leaders about topics, which then attracts an audience. You may start open conversations about topics that are related to what you are marketing, which will attract people to your site, giving you a chance to convert them. You could also just answer questions people might have about your niche, increasing your overall visibility and showing the community that you can help and that you know what you’re talking about. There are plenty of ways to interact with other people on social networking sites, so take advantage of it.


Branding your company or yourself in a way that will be appealing to your target audience is extremely important and an effective way to market. The more powerful your brand is, the better chance you have at becoming successful. This is especially true once you have become branded as an expert within your niche. You will get more traffic, more attention, more respect, and many more opportunities. Branding can be a hard thing to accomplish, but it can be very fulfilling. Just remember that everything you do on social media reflects back to your profile, so always try to maintain that certain image you are going for.

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There are plenty of other strategies to use on social media, but these 5 are effective and easy for beginners to get the hang of everything. After you have been marketing for a while, you will start to realize what your audience wants and will have a much easier time marketing.


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