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It’s common for people in their 20s to feel lost and look for themselves, which often leads them to some really amazing places. If you’re not sure what life holds for you, then you need to focus on finding a city with cultural, economic, and financial opportunities. The best places to live typically have large populations, bustling neighborhoods, and a host of stimulating activities.

Sleepless in Seattle

Seattle has long been a bastion for 20-somethings hoping to find themselves. Think about all the start-ups and success stories. If making music is your dream, you need to move there post-haste. You’ll find happy hours galore, the median income is more than $40,000, the rent prices are low, and the average age is pretty young — trust, mid-30s won’t seem old by the time you hit 27.

Seattle is a hip hub, with coffee available everywhere and more bookstores than you can imagine. The vibe is authentic and the city gets greener every year. The city has lots of live music, amazing job opportunities in established companies and smaller businesses, and it’s the birthplace of grunge. What’s not to love?

Wild Nightlife in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an interesting place to live. It’s close enough to California that you can easily indulge in some of your LA dreams, but it’s more exciting than Hollywood because of the versatility. Thanks to the strip, you know there are clubs, bars, and cafes everywhere. However, it might surprise you to learn that rent is cheap — you’ll pay less than $900 on average — and there’s a stunning number of parks. You’ll get your nature fix while still thriving in a city that inspires the artistic. Just look at Hunter S. Thompson.

Possibilities in Chicago

If you think Chicago’s far too expensive, think again. The median income is low, but if you’ve got a dream, an idea, or a talent, you can succeed in the Windy City. With a low average age of 32 and an enviable $855 median rent, you can easily afford to live and thrive there, even if you’re still finding yourself.

Chicago’s nightlife is second to none. From comedy clubs to the House of Blues, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to entertainment. There are incredible museums, loads of parades, and you can’t beat the lakefront. Thanks to the solid public transit system, you don’t even need a car.

Brainy in Boston

Boston is expensive, but it also pays well. Residents consider it the smartest city in the world, and their bias isn’t much of a stretch. The central New England location allows you to spread your wings and the old cobbled streets tickle your history bone. When it comes to live music, theater, and sports, there’s no place better. Even if you choose one of the quaint suburbs, the T station will keep you close to Southie, Cambridge, or the Commons.

Cultured in New York City

Lost people lose themselves in New York City every day — and come out on the other side feeling strong, invigorated, and truly themselves. Whether you like fashion, art, music, or finance, you’ll find it here. NYC is a given, no matter your borough of choice. Just look at “Girls.”

If you’re feeling lost, you have ample chances to find yourself. Which city will it be?

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