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Do you want to make extra money online, as an affiliate marketer?

In this article, you’ll discover the 3 best strategies to re position your blog, drive organic traffic to it and earn decent income from your efforts.

I’ve been into affiliate marketing for more than 5 years, and I can tell you the truth. By accident, you can generate sales providing that you drove real-time buyers to the sales page. I’ve seen crappy products that became bestsellers. That’s right, cowboy.

To succeed online as an affiliate, you can’t neglect traffic generation. It’s the core. And even if you want to build your list, you need the target audience to locate your landing page first.

To kick start your affiliate campaign, you’ll need to write a valuable review. This review page will be your hub for converting sales.

The five strategies to drive organic traffic to your review page are:

  1. 1.       Create user-friendly content

There is no shortcut to building a profitable affiliate business.

You’ll need to pull a seat and write. Write when you don’t even feel like it. Don’t subscribe to those who praise “writer’s block.??? It doesn’t exist as far as I and 67% of bloggers are concerned.

You could say that most writers are lazy. Instead of writing, so many people would prefer to hang out with friends on Facebook or Twitter. User-friendly content can automatically become SEO-friendly if you follow the basic SEO guidelines.

The first key to persuading people isn’t a powerful affiliate product, but the content you’ve written. That’s why a lot of people don’t make enough money in this business model.

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But you can make a BIG difference. Research your niche. Gather important facts. Then sit down and coin your future with words.

  1. 2.       Write full meta description

Look at your review page critically. The Meta section needs to be well-crafted. Write a full blown Meta description.

Start by asking a question and end with a call to action. Don’t just include keywords on the Meta description and expect Google spider to favor you.

It doesn’t work that way – especially in this era that Google is consistently tweaking their search algorithm. If you’re promoting a marketing e-book, find out if the primary term can generate hits over time.

Carefully write your description and add the term. Please don’t try to stuff keywords. You’d be treading on dangerous grounds. Be ethical with every step you take.

  1. 3.       Target commercial long-tail keywords

Did you know that keywords are divided into two halves: The informational key terms and the commercial type? During the days of Google AdSense, “how to??? key long tail key phrases which were primarily informational worked well.

But all of a sudden, Google changed their approach. Also, the big “G??? banned a lot of websites and blogs – Of course with reasons that didn’t suffice to anyone or available data.

In this age, what you should target as an affiliate marketer who wants to generate sales are the “commercial??? long tail key terms.

If you could target “only??? keywords that shows buying intent, your sales would increase. So, use the “how-to??? keywords (informational) to build natural links to your “review based??? terms, improve your rankings and income gradually.

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Trust me, it’d never happen overnight. Not even in 30 days. It can take up to 3 – 6 months for your content page to start ranking highly in Google.


But the time you’ve invested in building quality links would pay off BIG time. I don’t know the affiliate network you’ve used in the past and failed, maybe you should try T3leads payday affiliate program. It’s the official affiliate program for payday loans and other financial concerns.


Don’t give up, keep marketing

To succeed in this stiff online world, you need “extra??? energy. You must never give up no matter the pressure. Keep promoting your affiliate offer which you’ve reviewed.

Join a reliable autoresponder and start building your list. Submit quality guest posts to A-list and active blogs. You’d drive sizable traffic to your website.

Don’t forget to check out T3leads for the best affiliate offers that pay. The New Year is yours to do as you please – get prepared for more quality content. Do you make money online with affiliate marketing? Share your view in the comment below. See you at the top!


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