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I blog a relationship site and a lot of my website traffic comes from Twitter.

I am a huge fan of Twitter. It’s a very powerful social media tool that  increased my blog traffic dramatically.

The beautiful thing about Twitter marketing is that it gives you the opportunity to follow and stay in touch with the top authority people in your niche.

Most people use Twitter for social reasons. In fact, I have even seen some folks who update meaningless nonsense like ”I just finished eating, I just add a nice time with my boyfriend, I just did this and did that”. Instead of using Twitter for social ‘stuff’, use it to generate leads for your business.

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3 months ago, that deadly online virus ‘‘Google panda’’ affected my blog and my traffic fell overnight! I lost my readers. In fact, I was left with little to nothing.

After about 3 weeks this incident happened, a friend told me about the power of Twitter. Since then, I started getting many followers on Twitter and I have converted most of them into regular visitors (I’ve even generated a couple sales from them Lol).

In this article, I’ll be sharing some tips with you on how I increased by blog traffic ( in the dating niche) by 150% and how you too can apply it in your blogging business.

These tips are practical–tested–proven and guaranteed to produce maximum results if you apply them accordingly!

1. Display a Twitter button on your homepage

To get the most out of Twitter, you need to display the ‘Twitter share buttons’ on every of your blog posts.

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When I first started using Twitter to promote my relationship/dating blog, I never used the Twitter display button but since the day I started using it on my blog, I noticed a dramatic increase in my ‘Twitter followership’.

You should also do the same on your blog.

Display Addthis buttons on every of your posts to encourage people to follow you.

2. Your ‘Bio’ counts!

If you really want to get a large amount of people follow you on Twitter, you have to make your ‘Bio’ count. Be strategic about it. Use targeted keywords.

Use engaging and heart compelling words that will attract people to follow you. Just be creative.

3. Tweet strategically

Yeah… Tweet strategically.

I had to quit following a group of people on Twitter because all they do is tweet their affiliate links.

If you really want to have great success with Twitter, you need to tweet strategically. I’m not saying you should not tweet at all but ensure you do it only a couple times a day so you won’t be perceived a spammer. Tweet useful things you think your followers will learn from.

Tip: Mix everything. Tweet your blog posts only a couple times a day. Be smart!

4. Socialize–make friends!

Twitter is a top social media site. Use it to connect with your loved ones and the top people in your niche.

Make friends with people you don’t know. Talk with someone even if that person is not ready to have a chat with you. Have fun! That is what really counts.

5. Pay close attention to your followers

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It’s important that you pay close attention to your followers so you can get up to date information about the current trends in your niche. Ask your followers about what they like, dislike, and you can also ask them to tell you what bothers them the most!

This way, you’ll be able to know the needs of your audience.

6. Jump into a conversation!


Don’t be too work minded. Make good use of twitter by interacting with your business partners.  I love it when I chat with top bloggers in the dating niche.

My Opinion

I’m very happy with the opportunity Twitter gives me to connect with my loved ones!

 Tip: Ask questions, contribute to discussions, and ensure you leave insightful tweets.

7. Be honest

Trust is a vital element in every business. You need it to stay in touch with old customers and also sustain your business. Be a honest Twitter user.

You may ask, ”How can I show honesty on Twitter”? Well, Don’t worry, I’ll show you how.

For instance, if you come across something you love or hate, tell your readers why you love or hate it. This way, you’ll create a strong relationship between you and your followers.

8. Stand out!

Stand out from other twitter users by helping people out with questions or answers.

If you see someone leave a question tweet, give answer to that tweet and link back to your blog as the source.

 Tip: Don’t just be another ”Twitter Addict”, be a responsible tweeter user!

9. Be entertaining

Let your tweets make people laugh. Try to show the human side of your business.

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Tip:  If you make your followers smile, they’ll reward you by checking out your blog.

These Twitter tips can drive massive traffic to your blog as it did to my relationship blog if you apply them accordingly. Don’t procrastinate. Apply them and measure your results!

What do you think?

Does anyone here have any extra tips to add? We could make a profitable Kindle EBook here (Just kidding). Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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